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Dr, Ramesh Chand Corneal Transplant Surgeon Pioneer For Eye Donation Movement In Punjab

dr_rameshDr. Ramesh started his noble journey to his mission, when he was just a student of fifth class and  he was bold enough to reply to the question of his teacher that he wished to be a doctor to serve nation. His dedication became all the more firm when he got married to Dr. (Mrs.) Parvesh who proved up to be a great moral support to him as it is said that there is some woman behind a man’s successes in life.

Dr. Ramesh Chand brought laurels to his middle class family facing all sorts of difficulties by doing MBBS & MD (ophthalmology) from Govt. Medical College Patiala In 1991.As dynamic by nature, he opted to establish an Health Center at village Mansuran even at the time when Punjab was passing through crucial phase of terrorism. It was really mind blowing that Dr. Ramesh established 24hrs. emergency health centre and his services proved out to be a boon for villegers. When no ambulance service was easily available to transfer patients from remote villages to referral hospital in Ludhiana and elsewhere due to fear of militancy, he made it possible for the people.

Dr. Ramesh’s dedication to his work spreaded like a wild fire and he launched a movement that was close to his heart—community ophthalmology and eye donation movement, a movement that was to prove a pioneering endeavor in the years to come. Working at the grass-root level, Dr Ramesh Chand single handedly, provided affordable eye-care treatment to the ordinary rural people of Punjab.

Simultaneously, he started free community ophthalmology services along with eye donation movement awareness with innovations and motivations.

Since ophthalmic health care and eye-donation movement were not enough to improve the quality of life of such people, who were beset with other equally horrendous problems, Dr Ramesh, with a view to actively involving people in his mission and vision he clubbed his movement with other social programmes to break monotony and for greater acceptance of eye donors concept as public, he launched such community welfare programmes as de-addiction camps, family welfare camps, sports clubs for youngsters, rural health clubs, tree-plantation drives, economic uplift of rural women, health fairs and self-employment opportunities exhibition, marriage of poor girls, distribution of dress material to needy school children, artificial limbs to handicapped and voluntary cadaver donation to name a few.

To give a fillip to his eye-donation movement and to create public awareness on the need of eye-care and eye-donation, Dr Ramesh started editing and publishing a quarterly magazine Punarjot in 2009. This magazine has captured not only Indian masses but also it has got overwhelming response at global level.

To make his pioneering eye-donation movement a truly public, transparent, service-oriented and authentic, Dr. Ramesh’s hard work commitment and total transparent provision of free cornea transplantation surgery to all patients, achieved the highest eye donation procurement level in 2010 in Northern India. He has done highest single handed cornea transplant surgeries 666 in 2010 in Northern India. He has very outstanding vast experience of clinical ophthalmogy and great contribution in blindness control program in the region around.

In the capacity of Director Punarjot eye bank society Dr Ramesh’s is the first Non-Government Organization run eye-bank in the Punjab that has been accorded permission by the Punjab Government from human organ transplant under the HOTA Act 1994 in 2008. its registration and recognition by public and gove. Proved faith in selfless services of Dr. Ramesh ans started new era on eye donation movement in Punjab. The society has affiliates and more than 20 associates for donated eye-collection all over thePunjab.

In the last 7 years more than 4020 eyes have been donated, which marited the status of 2010 statistics, which was the highest number in the North India.

The benefits of the eye-care and treatment provided by Dr Ramesh’s society have crossed all political and international boundaries and among the beneficiaries of its free services include people from not only the rural India but also the USA, Canada,England, Europe and the neighboring Pakistan.

Dr Ramesh is considered to be a God Father by the general public, especially people living in rural areas, philanthropists both in India and abroad, eye-health care workers, eye-donation movement activists, associated NGO’s, government agencies and his staff for lending their valuable support in the realization of his vision and being partners with him in providing selfless eye care to those needy who deserve it most and those who can ill-afford it.

He has tremendous quality to motivate masses for the noble cause of eye donation and invites everyone to be a part of this mammoth movement.

Dr. Ramesh has left no stone unturned to create ‘SANJH’ project among the public with cultural innovations. Uplifting the standards of village women he commends wonderful gift of the gab by giving reasons to reality.

He gathers his popularity in Czech republic and South Africa by presenting paper in International Conference 1996 and 2010. Dr. Ramesh’s humanitarian services have been recognized at grass root level and State, National Global levels.

Since the society at large continues to be stopped by age-old superstitions, taboos and lack of awareness regarding eye donation, Dr Ramesh has organized many conferences, seminars and camps with the help of government agencies and non-government organizations. He also initiated a unique project called ‘Sanjh’ (literally meaning Cooperation and Common Bond) which was inaugurated by Ms World Punjab 2009 Mohit Inder Bawa. Under this project a public awareness programme on the adverse effects of diabetes and glaucoma on eyes was carried out and scores of camps were organized in villages and poor localities of towns and cities to provide eye-care check-ups and the necessary follow-up of free treatment.

Dr Ramesh has also opened an eye-hospital at village Sehjad, District Ludhiana where patients from rural area are provided free eye-check ups without any registration fee whatsoever.

Although he remains awfully busy in providing eye-health care to the people who most need it, Dr. Ramesh does find time to update his knowledge of the art and science of ophthalmology by attending regional, national and international conferences, seminars and workshops where he  present many research papers and provide hands-on experience and demonstrations to the ophthalmic fraternity.

To work on eye donation movement at grass root level, was an up hill task especially in the year 1991, when terrorism was on its peak, and it budding break the to break the shackles of social taboos of eye donation. His effort bore fruits. He set role model for doctors. Highest procurement of corneas, and free corneal transplant surgery concept to all, his work has  given message to follow the path of humanity and secularism and he has worked as real Hindustani to promote national integration.

Dr. Ramesh’s efforts have proved out to be quite democratic as thay are for the public, of the public and the public.