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Training Programs

Training Of Eye Bank Professionals
The Punarjot Eye Society offers certificate courses to poles separately cadres of eye bank staff. At the Punarjot Eye Society training center, eye bank experts from India and additional countries are knowledgeable in the planning of eye banking services, guidelines making in eye banking and eye banking performances. The Punarjot Eye Society also bearings the Indian Eye Banking Education Programme (IEBEP) seminar once in 2 years to teach eye bankers in the fundamentals and most recent improvements in eye banking. The research branch of the Punarjot Eye Society pivots on research concerning to donor cornea storage and donor cornea sanitization.
In partnership with Punarjot Eye Society International, USA, Canada, and Eye Sight International, the Punarjot Eye Society has recognized an International Training and Resource Centre for Eye Banking. The center offers training in the following programs:

Punarjot Eye Society’s personnel make use of ultra-modern apparatus and communications and uninterrupted enhancement during training to accomplish all aspects of district eye banking including:

Training Programs
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