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Patient Stories

Recovering Vision from Acid Burns

Ramanand Prasad Yadav has worked at a glass factory in New Delhi. He worked hard to earn an adequate amount for his large family of wife, four sons, a daughter, his parents, and his three elder brothers, demeanor the impact of a family come apart in excess of inherited property. But in Feb 2015 all that completely changed when he was battered one night through acid by a group of ten men at the same time as going to his homeland in Bihar. After that he was robbed of the 3000 by those victims that he had on him, but was also left there by the roadside, with unbearable pain all night. In the months that followed, his brother stood in for him at work while his father companioned him from one hospital to another in Muzzafarpur and other towns along the India-Nepal border. A family friend, who was a vegetable vendor, recommended “Punarjot Eye Bank Society”as he had undergone a surgery there.

At Punarjot Eye Bank Society, Dr. Ramesh and his team performed cornea transplantation surgery in Ramanand’s right eye using Aurokeratoprosthesis – an sophisticated procedure by which donor cornea is implanted and held in place by a tubular device connecting the front and back of the eye – after first separating the eye lids by the Ankyloblepharon release procedure. With this Ramanand will have satisfactory vision restored in his right eye to function autonomously at home. Ramanand is appreciative to Dr Ramesh for achieving something which many other doctors could not, even as he worries that his wife eat a decent meal, his daughter study further beyond matriculation, and that his left eye be fitted with a prosthetic eye.

Shantanu’s Bothersome Dermoid

A Limbal Dermoid is a tiny skin coloured mass projecting from the junction of the white eye ball and black part of the eye. The aberration appears at birth frequently in one eye but it may engross the second eye as well in a third of children. It may lead to decreased vision for the child and be a ornamental issue.

Shantanu Ghosh from Durgapur which is situated in West Bengal grew ever more conscious of the limbal dermoid in his left eye when his classmates started teasing him. After that his parents Sutapa and Narayan Ghosh took him to “Dr Ganguly”, a former consultant with Punarjot Eye Society, who referred Shantanu to “Dr Muralidhar Ramappa” at Punarjot Eye Society Hyderabad. Dr. Ramappa performed lamellar keratoplasty, extracted the limbal mass and transplanted a fractional human donor cornea tissue to cover the abrasion. A year later, all sutures were removed.
Shantanu, who studies in Grade 4, has completely recovered well after the eye surgery, now can close that eye completely and has started wearing spectacles. At Present he responds considerately to say, “I felt no pain, and happy with this experience.

Saving the Vision in a One Day Old Baby

At some stage in a scheduled Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) screening by the Punarjot Eye Society team at Bhubaneswar, Dr. Prakhar and Optometrist Sameer diagnosed a baby with Congenital Glaucoma within the minority hours of birth.

The baby was immediately shifted to the Punarjot Eye Society and successfully administered glaucoma filtering surgery, which vacant the cornea of one eye and demonstrated nominal hazing in the other eye. Thanks completely to the timely intercession by the screening team as well as the doctors at Punarjot Eye Society, now the baby will be capable to see the humankind. The team is now keeping track of the little patient all the way through the referring pediatrician.

The Best, For Good Reason

Shazia Shaikh expects to be an aviation specialist and anticipated to endure a LASIK procedure. A Londoner, she trusted out about Punarjot Eye Society with the intent of undergoing the course of action in Ludhiana where she has her ancestral roots from. A visit to Dr. Pravin Krishna’s clinic confirmed her opinion that Punarjot Eye Society compares quite positively in opposition to her London experience of expense, time spent waiting in the clinic and clinician communication, which had been substance of anxiety. Shazia is indebted of the doctors and staff at Punarjot Eye Society for as long as explanations rapidly after the eye examination, and endorses the institute to other worldwide patients. I must say “They are the best, for good reason.